Friday, January 5


Some artistic endeavors you just can't do by yourself. You need other people and/or their money to pursue them. If you're an architect or an actor, for example, you pretty much gotta waiit by the phone until someone offers you a gig, an opportunity to practice your art, a chance to do your thing.

Rather than just lapse into a creative torpor between gigs, some passionate people here in Austin are keeping their creative urges at least partially satisfied through what I think of as Secondary Arts...artistic endeavors outside their primary medium.

In that spirit, a passel of Austin actresses I know have just launched their own magazine. Called "Caught In The Act", the magazine covers a world they know well...arts and entertainment! Check 'em out at:

Another group of actresses I know well--indeed, they were the principal Zombie Girlz from Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL, along with our choreographer/lead singer--have formed a burlesque company called "The Jigglewatts". Not only are they getting valuable theatre experience through this endeavor, but they're getting paid to entertain people...and it don't get much better than that! Discover more about the Jigglewatts' electrifying brand of risque cabaret at: