Friday, November 17


Every artist ought to have a website...or two or three.

For most artists, this would be a "solo" website--preferably with your name as the title of the site, if available. If you work in a long-form, collaborative medium (e.g., feature films) then a separate site for each project is probably also a spanking good idea.

The foundation of all our marketing and publicity efforts on Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL is, naturally, the OFFICIAL SITE...which is necessarily the largest single repository of news, pics and info about Z.

All of our promotional efforts--MySpace pages, blogs, viral videos, reviews in the press, etc.--are designed to feed into the official site.

And this shit really works.

Look, we just recently finished the picture and haven't even gone to our first film festival yet. We're still at the very starting point of the long, uphill climb to raise awareness for Z. And yet currently averages over 1500 hits per DAY!

Day in and day out, more than 1500 hits!

No matter how you slice it, upwards of 50,000 hits per month is a LOT of views for a still mostly unknown, low-budget musical out of Austin, TX! A whole bunch of people are discovering our picture and, hopefully, developing a desire to see it.

In future posts, I'll break down each facet of our marketing push and how we're driving that kind of traffic to our site. Best of all, virtually every single one of our marketing efforts are FREE!

Sorry to be the bearer of good news, but if you were thinking about using lack of money as an excuse for not promoting yourself and your art, you're shit out of luck!

Just as everybody can make art, everybody can afford free. So go do it!
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