Monday, November 6


Two things I'm really passionate about are making art and helping others make their art.

When I'm not actively writing and directing movies or writing novels or, best of all, gluing together bits of colored string, I love helping others pursue their artistic dreams in any way I can.

This could mean giving feedback on a story or script...lending out my production gear...crewing on a shoot...writing a blog to share what little I've learned about creativty over the years. There's an almost infinite variety of ways to help others make art, if you're so inclined.

Now I'm not doing this for any altruistic reasons. Just the opposite. I'm a totally selfish bastard when left to my own devices.

I just believe that the more Art in the world, the better.

And so it's for entirely selfish reasons that I want to aid and abet those around me in creating a movie I can watch, a play I can attend, a picture I can look at.

So, please, CREATE something today!

And if you need a hand, just lemme know.
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