Tuesday, November 7


One of my core beliefs is that if you're gonna make art, then you should also go through the additional trouble of finding a way to share it with the world.

Thanks to Al Gore and the Internet, artists have more opportunities today to get the word out than ever before in history. So, like, take advantge of 'em and stuff!

No matter what kind of thing you create, there's probably 5 kajillion websites about your art. Contact some of 'em and share samples of your work or ask them to view your website or review a show or offer to walk their dog in exchange for a favorable mention. Each new site that finds your work interesting will expose you to a larger potential audience for whatever you do.

Just last night I was Googling "Zombie Musical" and chanced upon a pair of sites that mentioned Z. Both of them were a little off-target--one seemed to think the picture was a stage musical and the other speculated it was based on PASSION OF THE CHRIST!

But exposure is exposure, right?! The loyal readers of these sites may take a moment to check out our Official Site and then hopefully they'll really wanna see the picture once we land a Distributor.
Arrow In The Head

The Backdoor of Reality

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CthulhuSaves said...

Howdee John,

Y'know, I was giving it some thought, and an idea occurred to me. This will sound self-serving, but bear with me, I really am trying to help. :) Have you considered the idea of releasing the soundtrack on the Z website, so that people can get hooked on the songs and be compelled to subsequently pay for the DVD? Despite what the RIAA would have consumers believe, that's actually a very savvy business technique that's worked almost every time it's been used. Artists put albums on their websites for free, and get a ton of fans (unless they suck, lol) who buy all the other albums. With a musical movie, you've effectively got two products in one, and if you give people the musical aspect, they'll be more inclined, even motivated, to go buy the full movie (Cannibal put their soundtrack online for download, and it's worked great). Pre-built fan followings aren't too shabby, and something like that's sure to get you at least a cult following, and it'd be bound to help get the production more notoriety.

Food for thought. :)