Saturday, November 11


I have this buddy, a former film major, who wants to be a director.

About 10 years ago, my buddy gets this idea for a Vampire pictore--very hip, very contemporary Vampires. He's got some connections in LA, so he starts flying out from Austin. To take, you know, meetings. With his connections. In LA.

Dude wants to make this a Low Budget first feature--so sets his sights on a budget of "only" $15 million!

He's pals with some B & C list actors and they're up for it. But first my buddy has to raise the money. Oh, and finish the script.

Years pass. He's always working on the script, but he never gets far because he's got so much invested in the outcome of this one story. It's gotta dazzle folks. It's gotta be...egads, PERFECT!

Cut to the present day...

My buddy's a full decade older and he still hasn't finished the script, because even though it's "only" gonna cost $15 million, it's still 15 MILLION dollars--which is a lot of money. And a lot of pressure.

I sometimes wonder what my buddy might have accomplished, the stories he could've told if he'd used the resources at hand?

Over the past 10 years he coulda made 2 or even 3 independent features using low-cost digital technology. With each picture he would've gotten better at his craft, figured out his vision, matured as an artist. And, in all likelihood, with each new picture he could've found ways to bump up the budget a bit until one day he was playing with some real money.

And, best of all, we would've had 2 or 3 pictures to watch and enjoy from my seriously clever, hugely talented buddy.

If you have an idea for a story, find a way to tell it with whatever resources you currently have at hand! The world really wants to hear your story. I really want to hear your story. And it's a crime against nature NOT to tell it to us!
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