Saturday, November 4


Wanna talk about taking a Dangerous approach to your Art?! Then go check out BORAT--motherfucker is daring, outrageous, offensive and dangerous at every turn!

I wonder if part of the reason for the spectacular success of BORAT is that many audience members watch in slack-jawed awe, wishing they had the guts, the temerity, the confidence to say or do even 1/16 of the things Borat says and does in the picture?

Borat isn't afraid to fail. He's not afraid to look ridiculous. He's not afraid to say what many people are already thinking, but would never dare say out loud.

You can embrace Danger--whatever that means for you--in your Art, and create something like BORAT. Or you can play it safe, and create uninspired and uninspiring work like SANTA CLAUSE 3.

Which one would you rather have your name on?

If it's SANTA CLAUSE 3, that's fine. Just know that about yourself, that this kind of work is "good enough". And realize that the competition's gonna be a little tougher, because lots more people are willing to play it safe in their life and, especially, in their art.

If it's BORAT, then maybe you might wanna create opportunities for yourself to take more chances and be more daring in your creative work.

Just a thought.

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