Tuesday, November 14


I suspect the reason more people don't create art is because once you create something and send it out into the world, other people are gonna judge it...and, by extension, judge YOU.

And, Zeus knows, some of them aren't gonna like your art, or like you.

But others are gonna like you plenty fine and enjoy your creations, for the most part.

Apropos which, the very FIRST REVIEW of Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL has just been published online by Mr. Scott Johnson of Dread Central!

By the bye, if you wanna review Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL for your website, magazine or perhaps the monthly newsletter at the local Old Folk's Home, simply send a request and we'll try to send a DVD screener your way.

The only caveat is that you've gotta pretend you like it, even if you don't. (You wouldn't wanna hurt our feelings or something, would you?!)

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