Thursday, November 2


It sometimes seems to me that one of the first things we're taught in school--viz., "Write your name at the top of the page"--is also one of the first things we forget when we "Grow Up".

For me, Writing Your Name At the Top of the Page means making your art distinctly your own...being true to who you really are in your artistic endeavors...making whatever you create true to your vision of the world.

Of course, this can be a frightening prospect. Because if you reveal Too Much of yourself, maybe people will judge you and, Zeus forbid, actually dislike you for being Who You Are.

Well, the hell with 'em! Here's a little secret: the people who don't like you aren't gonna like you no matter WHAT you do!

If you're holding back in your art, if you're toning it down and trying to make it look-sound-smell-feel like something safe or like what you think they want, not only are They still not gonna like you, but chances are pretty good you're also not gonna win many new converts over to your cause...whatever that cause may be.

So why not write your damn name at the top of the page and be proud of who you are, with all the flaws, foibles and idiosyncracies that make you such a unique individual in the history of the world?!

Now I've written and directed two independent feature films--a comic mockumentary, THE PERFECT MAN CONTEST, and an original musical, Z. In both cases, I've had people take me aside afterwards and chide me for making fun of the Catholic Church or for including gratuitous nudity or for any number of perceived transgressions. My thinking is, "Hey, this is who I am".

I'd rather write my own name at the top of the page than pretend to be Mr. Perfect. An audience should be able to experience your art without the benefit of credits and know YOU created it because you've written your name at the top of every single page.

Besides, the way I look at it...if you're not pissing SOMEBODY off with your Art, then you're probably doing something wrong.

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