Sunday, June 24


My experience is that the more creative ideas you release into the world, the more new creative ideas come along to fill the void. Contrary to the popular belief that you only get so many ideas in your life, creativity simply leads to even more Creativity.

If you sit on a single project and hold it too precious and take forever to realize it, then perhaps your ideas WILL dry up. I see that happen with artistic pals of mine now and again. Rather than conceiving an idea, bringing it into the world and then moving on, they sit on it for weeks, months, sometimes even years at a time.

Hell, you can make a groovy short film in a single weekend...if you bring enough energy, passion and enthusiasm to the dance! Which leaves you approximately 51 remaining weekends in the year to make still more stuff.

Or, if you're short on energy, passion and enthusiasm, you can spend an entire year nursing that same little short to life.

It's all up to you, of course.

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