Monday, June 25


Earlier this year we submitted my latest independent feature--the All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Zombies musical called, simply enough, Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL--to a major film festival.

And...we didn't get in.

When I saw the kinds of pictures that DID get in, I realized that an independent, original movie musical like ours would probably never get into any of the major, corporate film festivals.

Being a filmmaker and all, I couched my response in the form of a short called HOW TO SUCCEED IN FILM FESTIVALS...WITHOUT REALLY TRYING! and posted it on YouTube.

Major film journalist Nikki Finke--whose film blog, Deadline Hollywood Daily should be on everybody in show business' daily Must-Read List--picked up the link and Posted it on her site, saying:

"Stop whatever you're doing now and watch this satirical short by filmmaker John McLean from Austin, TX that explains the "truth" behind the selection process at the major festivals -- and tips how to get indies selected at Sundance, South by Southwest, Toronto, et al. It's both funny and nasty. I loved it."

It always feels good when other people appreciate your creative efforts...'cause that ain't always the case, of course!

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