Tuesday, June 26


One easy way to measure how big an impact your Creativity is having on the world is through Google Alerts.

Rather than going through the bother of Googling yourself and your projects all the damn time, you can simply go to Google, sign up for Google Alerts, and then any time your name or current artistic endeavor or whatnot is mentioned pretty much anywhere on the Internet, you'll get an e-mail with the link to it.

Which is pretty damn cool, when you think about it!

If some dude in New Zealand, say, blogs one evening about really wanting to see Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL, I'll get a notice about it in my Inbox within a few hours. Then I can write him, thanking him for his interest and even offering to sell him a DVD of the picture.

Currently I receive Google Alerts for:


(That would be me, of course! However, it turns out there have been--and still ARE--bunches and bunches of John McLeans in the world. Or is it Johns McLean?! Whichever, there's lots. These include well-known doctors, boxers, barristers and musicians named John McLean, along with the John McLean who was formerly the head of the WGA until he got deposed, and, especially, the John McLean who was a Cabinet Member and Supreme Court Justice in the mid-1800s. Damn them all for stealing my name!)


(My original movie musical. Learn more about it at the Official Site, azombiemusical.com.


(The sexy Burlesque Company founded by the three principal actresses from Z: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL--viz., Hanna Hardin, Hallie Martin and Tiffany Janssen--along with our Choreographer and Lead Singer, Amy Jordan. I'm the MC for the Jigglewatts, which is why I have them particularly in my Google Alerts. Check 'em out at JiggleWatts.com.

As my next narrative feature--the literary comedy, EX LIBRIS--moves further into pre-production, I'll surely add that to my Google Alerts as well.

Because, again, it's a great barometer of how word is spreading on your creative projects.

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